Brain  1.0.0
A fast esoteric language!
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CArgsHandlerConsumes the arguments passed to brain and do whatever actions it's supposed to
 CArgsOptionsThis class handles all the options passed as arguments to Brain. It does so by using an enum of all options accepted by Brain and an integer which stores by bitwise comparation the values of options used at the moment of execution
 CArithmeticExprRepresents the three arithmetic operations that you can use and abuse in Brain
 CASTInfoThe abstract syntax tree
 CBootstrapClass that starts Brain, it has all the needed components to initialize the Brain interpreter
 CBreakExprClass that represents the break operator in Brain
 CDebugExprClass that represents the debug operator in Brain
 CExprAbstract class in which all expressions in Brain implement from
 CFloatExprBehaves just like the output expression, but it instead of print an integer number it will use io.c to divide the number by 100 and print it
 CIfExprClass that represents the if operator in Brain
 CIncrementExprClass that represent the increment operator in Brain
 CInputExprRepresents the input operator in Brain, aka as: . It calls b_getchar of io.c to interpret input
 CLoopExprClass that represents the loop operator in Brain
 COutputExprClass that represents the output operator in Brain
 CParserThe parser of the Brain language, it interpretes *.b, *.br or *.brain files
 CShiftExprClass that represents the shift operator in Brain